History JSM was established in 2000 in New Delhi, India. Today, JSM is the industry innovation leader in Human Capital Management Software Solutions with a Global Development and support centre in Bangalore, India.
JSM Launches Version 15.0 of JSM HRIS Suite of products. JSM further adds new functionalities, modules and reports while simultaneously enhancing existing functionalities of Core HR, Payroll, Leave and Attendance modules.
JSM makes significant additions and enhancements in JSM Time Sheet Software. JSM clients go live with customized versions of JSM Time Sheet Software.
JSM adds more Autonomous Institutes to its client list further strengthening its presence in the Education Sectors. JSM further adds and enhances existing features for Central Govt clients. JSM further enhances features for VI Pay Commission payroll. JSM adds new features of HR in Education Institutes and central government organizations
JSM adds new functionalities in Expense Management Software. JSM Expense Management System becomes more powerful providing superior functionality to organization to implement the product as per their unique business policies and approval processes.
JSM adds more clients in manufacturing sector further strengthening its presence in Manufacturing industries.
JSM launches Ver 14.0 of JSM HRIS Software. JSM further enhances and adds powerful reporting capabilities to JSM HRIS Software. JSM launches new version of JSM Business Intelligence Software adding more intelligence for Projects and Time sheet.. JSM HRIS software further adds powerful capabilities in Employee Document management. JSM launches new version of JSM ESS Software adding more functionalities and features in the modules - Employee of the Month, Awards, Notices, Circulars, and more. ESS home page features added to display important and essential information to employees at a glance. JSM HRIS software further adds powerful capabilities in Employee Document management. Implementation of New EPFO guidelines on Wage Ceilings. In a matter of few minutes JSM Clients successfully change the wage ceilings for PF in JSM Payroll Software on their own. JSM Payroll Software is a parameter driven software and clients can make changes on their own in a matter of few minutes. No lengthy customizations, No waiting for patches and no dependence upon the vendor, it is all done in a few minutes by users themselves.
JSM launches Ver 13 of JSM HRIS Software. JSM launches 12 Major Versions and 25 Sub Versions of JSM HRIS Software. JSM enhances functionalities of existing modules adding more features, flexibility and choices. Clients can now define various policies with more flexibility. JSM launches new version of JSM Central Government Payroll Software adding more reporting features for Central Govt clients.
JSM Launches 12 New Sub Versions adding many new modules n features in JSM HRIS Software. JSM launches New Version 12.05 of Reimbursement Module further improving on the facilities available to all Employees as well as to HR Admin users. JSM launches the New Improved and Copyrighted version of Online / Web Based Reimbursement Slip which added new design n flow to the existing one. JSM Launches new version 12.09 of Full n Final Settlement Module greatly enhancing the functionality and redesigning the entire module based on our 12 Years user feedback making it a very powerful FnF module incorporating great new features as well flexibility in user experience. JSM Launches Powerful New Version of JSM TSMS – Time Sheet Management System incorporating great new features n reporting systems with powerful Auto Emailing and Reminder Emailing features. JSM Launches a new version of 360 Degree Feedback Module and Exit Process Module further adding depth, flexibility and more features in these modules.
JSM Launches 16 New Sub Versions adding many new modules n features in JSM HRIS Software. JSM adds 5 Powerful and usefull workflows to JSMEHRIS – the Web Based Employee Self Service Software for all Employees making JSM eHRIS the Most Comprehensive Web Based ESS Software.. JSM improves and radically changes the Auto Emailing and entire mailing concept in JSM eHRIS giving tremendous Flexibility in Mailing content and Choosing recipients and Mail Scheduling in each HR workflow.
JSM Launches 10 New Sub Versions adding many new modules n features in JSM HRIS Software.
JSM launches JSM HRIS Software in Nigeria with a Specific Version incorporating special features for Nigeria JSM Launches JSM Central Government Payroll Software specially meant for Central Government n Public Organizations meeting VI Pay Commission requirements. JSM Launches Payroll Software adding Specific requirements for Beedi Manufacturing companies as per Indian Govt Regulations specifically for these industries.
JSM makes Bangalore Global Research n Development center. In order to cater to All India as well as to Global Markets JSM makes Bangalore Global Delivery n Support center. JSM Launches Integration with Payroll Vendors Module. With this revolutionary concept now clients having just the HR module – JSM HR Software can now seamlessly connect with either in-house Payroll Department or 3rd Party Payroll Vendors and vice versa. With this duplication of work by HR department was greatly reduced.
JSM Bangalore Office inaugurated. JSM Launches Integration with SAP. JSM Software develops a Utility to import JV from JSM Payroll Software into SAP. JSM launches Powerful New Audit Feature in JSM HRIS to meet SOX compliance. JSM introduces” Maker Checker concept” for Audit Purposes to meet the most stringent Audit Requirements.
JSM Launches new Version – 5.50 of JSM Data Porting Software to import all Employee Master data into JSM HRIS Software. This Utility had the facility to import even historical Appraisal, Training, Increment and Promotion data among other Data.
JSM launches for a Second time a Brand new Version totally revamping the HR and Payroll Software from ground up. This was the Third Brand new Version launched in the history of JSM HRIS Software. The version running right now is a descendent of the year 2005 Version. JSM Launches the Copyrighted “YTD Salary Slip” in India. This copyrighted proprietary design incorporated many path breaking concepts. JSM Launches the copyrighted ‘Report Builder”. With this tool now JSM clients could build their own reports picking and choosing from any of the 300 fields available in Employee master.
JSM Launches JSM TSMS – Time Sheet Management System an online Web Application to enter time sheets.
JSM launches a completely new version of JSM HRIS Software right from ground up based on feedback from customers on its initial version incorporating powerful new features. JSM Launches the Cafeteria Concept in JSM HRIS Software. Long before Flexi Benefit became a common feature in corporate India JSM launched the Flexi Benefit module in JSM HRIS software.
JSM becomes the First company to launch ESS Software – Web Based Employee Self Service Software.
JSM HRIS Software – The First Integrated, Most Comprehensive HRMS Software Launched in New Delhi, India. A complete HR and Payroll Software.
JSM Technologies P. Ltd launched in New Delhi, India with the objective of Launching World class HRIS in India.

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