Engagement model JSM works on long term engagement model with clients where JSM functions as a trusted consultant on product selection, implementation, solving client business challenges and making the best use of technology.
Engagement Model
JSM works with clients on a long term basis as a trusted technology partner.

Clients engage JSM to discuss about their business and technology challenges. Meetings between top management at both sides are discussions on what challenges clients face in their day to day operations and also to understand JSM strengths and solutions. JSM consults clients on possible solutions and technology matters. JSM Consults clients on manpower, implementation and technology required.

Clients place order to JSM and implementation starts. JSM provides onsite training to HR and Payroll admin user, IT users and to Top Management too. ESS training is also given onsite to all employees. Other activities like Data Porting etc are done offsite. In between, client is encouraged to utilise offsite training services via our expert back end team.

JSM helps clients in all masters setup – Organization, company policies and statutory policies. JSM helps clients in importing all employee data via a proprietary excel template provided by JSM. Post importing of employee data JSM helps clients in checking imported data. JSM processes and matches 1 month salary and then guides the same to the client too.

During implementation to guide the client and to efficiently complete the processes JSM provides to client various Action Plans which are step by step instructions from beginning of project till go live stage.

Once live JSM continues with free support for a certain period and later clients sign up for paid support.

JSM also provides customization services to clients to do add customized features to the standard product as per client business policies.

Post going live, over the years clients undergo changes in policies, management, organization structure etc. JSM is experienced enough to handle all these changes and consults and guides client on best possible solutions. Over the years trainings to new teams also are handled by JSM so as to ensure continuity of technology investments.

Once with JSM you can be assured of JSM being a trusted, competent and long term technology partner!

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