JSM EMPLOYEE EXIT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Advanced Most Comprehensive Exit Management Software seamlessly automating Employee Resignation, Acceptance and Withdrawal Workflows along with Powerful Exit Checklist Module, Knowledge and Project Knowledge Transfers and Online Exit Interviews.
JSM Employee Exit Management Software

JSM Employee Exit Management Software is an advanced software to automate the entire exit process from the submission of a resignation letter by an employee to Full n Final Settlements. JSM Exit Management Software is an comprehensive exit management software with resignation workflows, knowledge transfer workflows, exit checklist workflows and online exit interviews. All of this backed by powerful exit BI.

  • Special Features
  • Modules
  • Customizations
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Maintenance
Special Features

  • JSM Employee Exit Management automates all processes of the exit lifecycle from submission of resignation letter to generation of Full n Final Settlement of accounts and acceptance of final closure by an employee.

  • Powerful policies module where respective client can define separation policies organization wise. Facility to define policies based on 9 options including department, category or designation wise.

  • Each workflow event is supported by email notifications for efficient communication to all stakeholders

  • Fully customizable to meet your complex policies.

  • Powerful approval module allowing client to set approval policies as per client business requirements.

  • Advanced calendars module to keep a tab on the separation events.

  • Powerful reports module with standard reports, report builder and an advanced Business Intelligence module.

  • Generation of all letters including a detailed Full n Final Settlement account and acceptance letter.

  • Separation Policies

    JSM Employee Exit Management Software has a powerful policies module to set all policies related to separation as per client policy manual. JSM Software allows for creation of different kinds of policies for different categories of employees based on 9 options including department, category or designation wise. Facility to create customized separation types with individual policies and notice periods. Facility to create policies for resignation, exit checklist, knowledge transfer and exit interviews. Customized approval policies as per company requirements are possible.

  • Resignation letter / Intimation of resignation

    JSM Employee Exit Management Software provides facility to employees to submit resignation online. Facility for acceptance or rejection online. Facility to view status by all stakeholders. Facility for resignation withdrawal online. Notifications to all stakeholders on all events.

  • Exit Checklist

    Facility to initiate exit checklist to be filled by respective departments. Facility to enter amounts to be recovered from the resigning employee. Status viewing by all concerned stakeholders including the resigning employee. Final acceptance of recovery / settlement by the resigning employee. Facility to finance department to make recoveries. Notifications to all stakeholders on all events.

  • Knowledge Transfer / Project Knowledge Transfers

    JSM Employee Exit Management Software provides facility to resigning employee to plan for Knowledge transfer. Facility to approver to assign employees for KT. Facility to resigning employee to enter details of KT done and for the receiving employee to accept the same online. Facility to conduct KT for client and Projects

  • Exit Interviews

    Exit interviews can be set online by HR. Employees can undertake online exit interviews.

  • Full n Final Settlement

    JSM Employee Exit Management Software is fully integrated with JSM Payroll Software enabling seamless flow of data to Payroll module and enabling calculation of Full n Final Settlement of the resigning employee.

  • Letters

    Facility to generate letters including Full n Final Settlement letter, relieving and experience letters in JSM ESS Software.

  • Reports

    JSM Employee Exit Management Software provides comprehensive range of reports of separation data. There are standard reports as well as powerful report builders to build your custom reports on the fly. JSM Exit Business Intelligence helps top management gather keen insights on the data. JSM BI software helps you analyse separation data from atleast 50 angles / data points allowing management to take key decisions / changes in policies and company strategies.


JSM Employee Exit Management Software is 100% customizable. In case you have any special needs JSMTPL can customize Human Employee Exit Software as per your specific needs at a nominal cost. In case you require any special report specific to your organizational needs that too can be done.

Implementation Support

JSMTPL shall help you in entering all Masters. We shall understand your business logic and guide you in inputting these in JSM Employee Exit Management Software. JSM has world class senior team who have a minimum of 100 clients past experience in implementation.


JSM provides extensive Training to all users to get up to speed in the shortest possible time. JSM's proven and tested Training Methodology helps you in understanding the numerous features in JSM Employee Exit Management Software. At the start of the implementation JSM charts out the Training Map and by the end of Implementation users gain valuable expertise of the usage of the software. All Trainings are provided by World class experts who have a minimum of 19 years Experience and have already trained at least 100 clients.


After JSM completes Implementation and Training of all uses free Maintenance starts for a fixed period. JSM shall take care of any queries you may have during this period. The free Maintenance period lets you get settled down in the software. After you have developed confidence in the software and had a few months successful usage of JSM Employee Exit Management Software JSMTPL encourages you to sign up for the paid Maintenance. Here you get cost effective support on a annual basis along with new versions and updates.

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