Implementation Services JSM follows a well-defined implementation methodology which has been refined over the last 19 years with many software implementations experience.
Implementation Services
JSM follows a well-defined implementation methodology which has been refined over the last 19 years with many implementations experience. JSM helps you in employee data porting and JSM team can handle both current as well as legacy employee data porting. JSM Team has successfully implemented in the past many complex HRIS projects involving complex legacy data porting. JSM techno functional experts helps you in Organization, Company policies and Statutory Policies setup thereby successfully mapping your unique organization setup and polices in JSM Software. JSM experts guide you expertly with their well-defined and systematic pre salary processing action plans, 1st month salary processing action plans and Go live action plans. These action plans guide a client to go live in an efficient manner.
  • Employee Data Porting
  • Organization Setup
  • Policies Setup
  • Salary Procesing Support
  • Go Live Support
    Employee Data Porting

    Employee data porting is an essential activity in all HRIS Software Projects.

    JSM has an advanced 13 years old Data Porting Software. JSM Data Porting Software imports Employee master data from a pre define excel format. JSM has its own unique proprietary Excel template in which clients give all employee master data and JSM data porting software imports all Employee master data from this template.

    JSM Data porting software has a huge option of employee master data fields to choose from which it can import. JSM can import all employee personal, educational, experience, salary, benefits bank, registration and family data. Additional data like CTC history and appraisal ratings too can be imported.

    JSM Data Porting Software can also import legacy employee’s data. This could mean resigned employees, resignation details and historical employee date like promotion, Redesignation and transfer. Any number of year’s data can be imported. This facility is of great help to client cause later client may take out complete employee history reports from JSM Software – Increment history and other like reports.

    JSM works with clients to import additional data as and when need may arise.

    Organization Setup

    Organization setup is one of most important initial activities in a HRIS Implementation project. Organization setup has a direct impact on how you can define your company policies as well as statutory policies. It has impacts on how you would be able to generate reports. Hence organization setup is a very critical activity and must be handled by very experienced people from both sides.

    JSM Techno Functional super experts understand your overall company, security and statutory policies as well as reporting requirements and then guide you to do the organization set up correctly and in the best manner which meets your business requirements.

    JSM top management sits with client top management to do this exercise and hence clients gain a lot with personal involvement from JSM top management in this very crucial phase. This activity is done onsite.

    All these onsite activities are finally backed up by another team of techno functional experts at the backend who after the setup done onsite check the enter data for consistency, correctness and whether it is matching defined business requirements. The backend team then in the end collaborates with client to correct and complete the organization setup.

    Company Policies Setup

    One of the unique strengths of JSM is the superior expertise JSM team in HR Functional knowledge. Our deep knowledge of the Human Resources domain enables us to provide superior solutions to our clients

    Company policies setup is one of the first tasks undertaken at the start of the implementation of HRIS automation projects. JSM needs to have excellent understanding of the HR and Payroll domain to be able to set company policies correctly.

    The business environment is very dynamic and each organization has evolved its own set of HR policies. Some organizations have very unique policies in HR and need very careful study and understanding before proceeding with implementation.

    Incorrect setting of policies in HRIS Software can lead to incorrect data, outputs and wrong reporting. Processing of data cannot be done correctly if policies are not set correctly.

    So policies setting in a HRIS software has very deep implication and JSM team understands this very much. JSM Senior management members handle Company policy setting with clients, often with client senior management onsite. Clients benefit from the long experience and deep expertise JSM management has in the HRIS domain and consider it of tremendous benefit during policy setting session.

    Statutory Policies Setup

    A thorough understanding of the Compliances / Statutory domain is required to enable client to do statutory setup as per laws of the land.

    Each country has its own set of compliances to be adhered to. Further, in countries like India there are various flexibilities and variations inside the compliance area. The law too make provisions for many flexibilities and options.

    Hence JSM team needs to have a deep understanding of various compliances and statutory obligations. JSM Techno functional experts have deep knowledge of the various statutory obligations and the many ways in which different clients across the country handle the same.

    JSM team helps client set various statutory policies as per the provisions and exception rules as may be applicable.

    Pre Salary Processing Support

    JSM clients implementing JSM HRIS Software have to undertake a lot of tasks before they can reach the 1st month salary processing stage.

    Processing salary for the first time from JSM HRIS Software requires that organization setup is done correctly, all company policies are defined accurately and all statutory policies are in place as desired. Client then also has to ensure that all employee masters are correct as wrong employee data can resolute in wrong figures during salary processing. Finally all opening balances need to entered or imported correctly for all employees. Benefits data too needs to there in the software.

    JSM has a long experience of over 19 years in helping client’s process salary from JSM Software. The long experience of JSM has taught many lessons in how to help client with pre salary processing activities and how to systematically approach the tasks at hand. The result of all this is a very elaborate and scientific way of going about managing and guiding the client in all pre salary processing activities.

    1st Month Salary Processing Support

    Processing salary for the first time in any Payroll software is a very challenging task. Processing salary for the first time from a software and matching with already processed salary is a very daunting task and is the biggest challenge teams have to overcome to make a project a success.

    Historically speaking we have found that first time, first month salary never matches between a new software and existing client software. It takes experience, expertise and techno functional skills and patience and commitment to surmount this initial barrier to success.

    JSM team has been helping clients surmount these great challenges for more than a decade now. JSM brings with it a mixed bag of initial failure and success stories to learn from. Our initial challenging years taught us from our failures. We learned great lessons in our formative years. As years went by JSM gained in experience and expertise and have now reached a stage where we can confidently GUARANTEE that your project shall be a success. Such is the level of technical as well as functional expertise we have reached now after 15 long years of very hard work.

    JSM team has over the past 19 years learned what challenges client face during 1st month salary processing; where do client go wrong. If figures don’t match what are the solutions and how to guide a client to match figures from new software and existing software. JSM team studies your existing salary register and within a short time guide you on mistakes and problem areas and give expert solutions for the same. That way a new client who has less expertise in JSM software quickly overcome the 1st month challenges and successfully match the figures at the earliest and move towards success.

    JSM has used all this knowledge gained over the last 19 years and developed systems and processes and Action Plans give which guide clients in a user friendly manner and efficient manner to move ahead towards a successful project completion.

    Go Live Support

    Making any software project go live involves a lot of planning, experience, expertise, commitment and patience.

    There shall be numerous challenges along with the way - organizational, function as well as technical. Having completed the initial steps in HRIS Software implementation both teams needs to have the commitment to take the project towards its successful completion and go live.

    JSM has seen and experienced the challenges faced by both teams as the project nears its completion phase and understands what is required to give that final push to make client go live.

    Many a times clients start processing from a few previous months (could be last 1 year salary processing too) rather than the current month. JSM knows how to guide client to process for old months and how to take the client month by month to current month.

    JSM has gained tremendous expertise and experience in past 16 plus years and the result of all that learning is a systematic and efficient way to take the client to Go Live stage. JSM has distilled all that knowledge in time tested and refined proprietary Action Plans to Go Live which JSM team prepares and gives to clients. These Action Plans guide client to proceed in a systematic manner to Go Live.

    With JSM you are never alone. You are in the company of experts who shall guide to project success.

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