Leave and Attendance Management SOLUTIONS Leave and attendance is one of the key areas in any organization. JSM provides excellent Software Solutions For Leave and Attendance Management.
Leave and Attendance Management

Leave and attendance is one of the key areas in any organization. A lot of time of HR Professionals goes in managing leave and attendance. Top Management pays keen attention to the leave and attendance data and they have very high requirements of intelligence in this area. Employees need an efficient system to be able to apply for leave and check approvals. Payroll professionals need accurate leave and attendance data to be able to process payroll accurately.

Every organization has its own unique leave and attendance policies. JSM Leave and Attendance Software helps organizations in setting the unique leave and attendance rules existing in their organization.

JSM Leave Management software lets you define leave types, leave eligibility and entitlement policies based on 9 parameters thereby helping you set policies as per your unique requirements. You can set policies for prefix, suffix and both for the treatment of leave and holiday / weekly offs falling alongside. JSM Software solutions allow you to set many more intricate leave policies including those for leave encashment and rounding off and middle of month joining and leaving.

JSM Software solutions lets you set attendance, Weekly Off, Holidays and Compensatory off, Work from home, Outdoor duty and Over Time policies too.

Leave entitlements and leave credit periods can be set as per your policies. JSM Software solutions give you a flexible leave credit period option of monthly, Bi Monthly, Quarterly, half Yearly or yearly or lastly based on number of days.

JSM Leave and Attendance software provides you options to import attendance data from attendance machine which can also be customized.

JSM ESS Software empowers employees with basic self service capabilities of applying for leave, modification and cancellation of leave and also to check approval status. Managers can check leave history of reportees and approve leaves.

JSM ESS Software has workflows for Work from Home, Overtime, Outdoor Duty, Working on Weekly off and Compensatory Off.

JSM Leave Management system does accurate calculation of leave balances and conversion to Leave Without pay helping Payroll Professionals to process salary accurately for the number of day worked. JSM software solutions provide a exhaustive list of important leave reports for HR and Payroll professionals.

JSM BI provides deep intelligence on Leave and attendance data for use by Top Management. JSM BI enables top management to analyse leave data from various angles, see historical trends, identify weak areas and take corrective actions.

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JSM Leave and Attendance Management

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