INDUSTRIES - Manufacturing JSM has 16 plus years of experience in successfully customizing and meeting the complex and very specific needs of the Manufacturing sector in HR, Leave, Attendance, Compliances and Payroll
JSM HRIS Software for the Manufacturing industry

JSM Technologies provides the most comprehensive range of Human Capital Management Solutions for manufacturing industries. JSM HCM Solutions cover the entire lifecycle of an employee from entry till exit.

JSM Human Capital Management solutions help you tackle the real challenges HR and Finance team face daily.

Manufacturing industries have very specific requirements in terms of employee database, leave and attendance, payroll, statutory and training among other areas.

JSM PMS Software for automation of Appraisals in Manufacturing Industries covering core departments of Production, Quality, Maintenance and Electrical.

  • Core HR
  • Leave and Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Reimbursements
  • Compliances
  • Performance Management
  • Training
  • ESS
Core HR
  • Core HR activities include all the important core HR functions from Entry till Exit.

  • These are activities related to Employee entry, New Employee database, Employee Personal File, On boarding, Employee Assets, Reporting relationships, Probation reviews, Confirmations, Contract renewals, Service Obligations, Promotions, Increments, Redesignation, Transfer, Rewards and Recognitions, Disciplinary actions, Separations and other allied areas.

  • JSM provides Core HR Solutions that provide tremendous help to HR Professionals in managing Core HR Activities covering the entire employee lifecycle

  • JSM provides Core HR Solutions that provide tremendous help to HR Professionals in managing Core HR Activities covering the entire employee lifecycle

Leave and Attendance
  • Leave and attendance is one of the key areas in manufacturing organizations. A lot of time of HR Professionals goes in managing leave and attendance. Top Management pays keen attention to the leave and attendance data and they have very high requirements of intelligence in this area. Employees need an efficient system to be able to apply for leave and check approvals. Payroll professionals need accurate leave and attendance data to be able to process payroll accurately.

  • Manufacturing organizations have unique and specific leave and attendance policies. JSM Leave and Attendance Software helps manufacturing organizations in setting the unique leave and attendance rules existing in their organization.

  • JSM Leave Management software lets you define leave types, leave eligibility and entitlement policies based on 9 parameters thereby helping you set policies as per your unique requirements. You can set policies for prefix, suffix and both for the treatment of leave and holiday / weekly offs falling alongside. JSM Software solutions allow you to set many more intricate leave policies including those for leave encashment and rounding off and middle of month joining and leaving.

  • JSM Software solutions lets you set attendance, Weekly Off, Holidays and Compensatory off, Work from home, Outdoor duty and Over Time policies too.

  • JSM Software helps you in management of shifts. You can create n number of shifts and we can manage 24 hours shifts too. There are provisions for Shift and Weekly off roistering.

  • Leave entitlements and leave credit periods can be set as per your policies. JSM Software solutions give you a flexible leave credit period option of monthly, Bi Monthly, Quarterly, half Yearly or yearly or lastly based on number of days. Different entitlements for causal, permanent and contractual employees are possible.

  • JSM Leave and Attendance software provides you options to import attendance data from attendance machine which can also be customized.

  • JSM ESS Software empowers employees with basic self service capabilities of applying for leave, modification and cancellation of leave and also to check approval status. Managers can check leave history of reportees and approve leaves.

  • JSM ESS Software has workflows for Overtime, Outdoor Duty, Working on Weekly off and Compensatory Off.

  • JSM Leave Management system does accurate calculation of leave balances and conversion to Leave Without pay helping Payroll Professionals to process salary accurately for the number of day worked. JSM software solutions provide an exhaustive list of important leave reports for HR and Payroll professionals.

  • JSM BI provides deep intelligence on Leave and attendance data for use by Top Management. JSM BI enables top management to analyse leave data from various angles, see historical trends, identify weak areas and take corrective actions.

Payroll Management
  • An efficient and accurate Payroll is expected from Payroll professionals.

  • JSM Payroll Software Solutions helps Payroll professionals in efficient and accurate processing of Payroll.

  • Manufacturing organizations have its own unique set of heads - Basic salary, Allowances and Reimbursements. In addition to these there are sometimes variable earnings and deductions in payroll. Additionally there could be Out of payroll payments that need to be paid once in a while. Then there is the concept of benefits which could be in or out of payroll too. Combined to this is the concept of some heads to be included in CTC and some not. So this is a lot to manage by a payroll professional.

  • JSM Payroll Software solutions help payroll professionals in handing this entire gamut of payroll. JSM Payroll software takes a holistic approach to payroll and encompasses fixed earnings and Deduction, Variable earnings and deductions, Out of payroll earnings and deductions. Added to all the above is flexibility to create n number of benefits. JSM Payroll Software lets you manage the CTC definitions as per your requirement.

  • JSM Payroll Software has a dynamic Loan and Advances modules that lets you define rules as existing in your organization. You can manage loan disbursals and deductions with ease.

  • JSM Software solutions have powerful import engine which allows you to do mass import of all Payroll inputs from excel thereby saving precious time.

  • JSM Payroll Software solutions have a wide range of in built pre-defined reports that are of immense use to Payroll professionals. In addition to standard reports JSM Software solutions provide powerful report builders which enable payroll professionals to meet management requests for on the spot reports.

  • JSM Payroll BI helps top management gain deep understanding for this very important area. Top Management can analyse payroll data from many important angles, understand where money is being spent and look at historical trends too. JSM Payroll BI helps top management manage organizations better by getting a deep understanding of payroll data.

Employee Reimbursements
  • Many organizations have reimbursements as part of their compensation and benefits package. Although not applicable for workers but permanent employees could be eligible for such components.

  • Organizations generally divide their compensation and benefits package as Basic Salary, allowances and reimbursements.

  • JSM Payroll Software solutions help organizations in designing and implementing their reimbursement structure and policies and in disbursement.

  • JSM Payroll Software allows organizations to create n number of reimbursement heads as per their requirements and set policies on the same. Reimbursements have statutory implications too. JSM Payroll software allows you to create all kinds of policies and set statutory obligations too. You can set bills and carry over policies along with policies on how employees can claim online. You can set CTC policies as well policies on how handle it WRT reporting in salary / reimbursement slips and salary / reimbursement registers.

  • JSM ESS Software allows all employees to view reimbursement limits and balance at any time. Employees can submit bills online and get approvals online and check approvals status as well as reimbursement details. Employees take prints of reimbursement slips too.

  • JSM Payroll software has numerous reports to meet the Reimbursement reporting requirement of HR, Finance team and Management. JSM BI Software provides deep reimbursement intelligence required by Top Management to make sense of their reimbursement data.

Compliances / Statutory - for Employees
  • Compliances are a key area of importance in Manufacturing organizations. There are various compliances that an organization has to follow.

  • JSM provides software solutions to help HR and Finance professionals manage compliances.

  • JSM helps HR and Finance professionals manage Income Tax, Provident Fund, Pension, ESIC, Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Bonus and other Compliances.

  • JSM Software solutions help you define all statutory rules and regulations as they exist in a country. JSM HRIS Software is an master driven software and all applicable Compliance rules and regulations can be defined and changed as and when rules change in the country.

  • JSM HRIS Software helps HR and Finance professionals meet all compliance reporting requirements. All statutory reports can be generated from JSM Software.

  • JSM’s in depth knowledge of the statutory area enables JSM to provide accurate compliance figures calculation, deduction and reporting. JSM also takes care of correct calculations in the event of arrears, which is one of major source of incorrect figures calculation in compliances.

- Performance Management / Appraisal
  • JSM Performance Appraisal Software for automation of appraisals in Manufacturing industries covering core departments of Production, Quality, Maintenance and Electrical among other departments.

  • JSM PMS Software enables manufacturing industries to set goals and do appraisals on key KRA's and KPI 's covering Production, Productivity, Rejections, Wastage, Downtime / Uptime and Customer complaints among other KRA's.

  • Manufacturing industries can analyse key KRAs of Production, Productivity, Rejections, Wastage, Downtime / Uptime and Customer complaints among other KRA's using the powerful BI and other reporting features of JSM Performance Appraisal Management Software.

  • Performance Management is one of the key focus areas for every organization. Every organization aims to design and implement a dynamic and efficient performance management system.

  • JSM provides PMS Solutions that are powerful, user definable and customizable.

  • JSM PMS Solutions have an exhaustive and dynamic masters and policies module that help you in setting up the PMS as per your organizations requirements. JSM PMS Software allows to set up PMS Calendar, Components, weightages and hierarchy as per your requirement. You can set up deadlines for goal settings, reviews and set up the PMS calendar too. JSM PMS System allows you to set up your own rating systems for KRA and Competencies. All these can further be customized as per your organization requirements.

  • JSM PMS Solutions enable you to first define the organization goals which can then be defined Division and department wise too. Individual goal setting can be done which can have an approval mechanism.

  • JSM PMS Software allows you to set PMS review frequencies and conduct periodic reviews too. There is finally the year end appraisal and computation of PMS scores.

  • JSM PMS Software allows you to generate many reports. There are end user reports, HR reports and reports for management. JSM can provide customized reports as per your requirement too. JSM PMS BI provides Performance Management BI for top management.

Training Management
  • Training is an important area in all manufacturing organizations.

  • Manufacturing Organizations need to plan training calendars, identify training needs and nominate employees. There are in house as well as external trainings. TNI sources are many and appraisal is one of them. Employees need to be able to do self-nomination and supervisors too can nominate their team members. Post training feedback needs to be given by all attendees. Employees have a need to be able to view training calendars. Supervisors have the need to see trainings attended by their team members and evaluate training efficacy.

  • JSM Training management solutions enable and empower all employees to do all the above with ease.

  • JSM Training Solutions allows you to set yearly training budget as well as man hour’s allocation for training. Year round budget tracking is possible.

  • JSM Training Management Software helps HR Department to set training calendars. Training needs can be identified and recorded in JSM Software. JSM PMS Software helps in identifying training needs and it flows directly into the training module. Employees can see the training calendar and do self-nomination. Supervisors can nominate their team members for training.

  • JSM Training management solutions enable employees to give feedback on training programs attended. Supervisors can give feedback post training on effectiveness of training and improvements in performance if any.

  • JSM TMS empowers HR department with many reports to enable them to analyse training data and take decisions. JSM TMS BI Software gives deep BI capabilities to top management to understand organization wide training data.

Employee Self Service
  • Employee self-service Solutions puts power in the hands of every employee. Now every employee can log into an application and see data related to self, send requests to various people for their day to day needs, check approval status and see general data about the organization.

  • JSM Employee Self Service Solutions help organizations share general data amongst all employees. With JSM ESS Software all employees have access to News, Events, Picture Galleries, Notices and Circulars. Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries, service anniversaries can now be viewed by all employees. JSM ESS Software allows all Employees also to have access to information they might need like the Employee directory.

  • JSM ESS Software allows all employees to apply via software for various things they normally would send mails or submit hard copies. JSM ESS Software allows all employees to apply for leave, comp off, OT, Work From Home, Out Door Duty amongst many other things. Employees can request for Office properties, certificates, letters, advances, loans, and many more.

  • JSM ESS Software enables employees to do day to day tasks online like tax declarations and submission of tax proofs.

  • JSM Employee self-service software allows employee to take control of their personal and professional data and to send requests for updating of personal data, experience, qualification, address, dependents and much more.

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